Unique jewelry for the home

Unique jewelry for the home

Copper, brass, and steel “jewelry” for living spaces made with jewelry technology – it’s not a fantasy but an unexpected turn of three jewelers, a father and his two sons. At the peak of a global pandemic, when the need for traditional jewelry diminished, the masters from Lithuania applied their jewelry skills and knowledge to the production of exclusive furniture by Kopar. Colors without paints, Nature footprints at home, sustainability, and more – in a conversation with one of the sons Paulius Baužys.

You are freshly stepping into France market. What qualities of Kopar do you think would be noticed and valued here?

We notice that people are increasingly concerned not only with the furniture itself but also with how or where it was made. Therefore, our main priorities are sustainability and quality. Each product we make is prepared so that it can be renewed over the years rather than replaced. All surfaces are adapted for renovation and can be polished or varnished if damaged or scratched. Also, after many years, we can re-sand and refine the surface of an existing product, thus completely renovating it.

Our uniqueness is the production technologies that we have learned while working with jewelry and which are perfect for furniture, just a larger format. It allows us to “blow” new wind into the furniture market, attention to detail, often lacking in furniture. We consider our products as jewelry.

How do you understand sustainability in your business?

Consumer attitudes are changing in the world. When we look at issues such as climate change, we must look for innovative and responsible solutions.

Therefore, we try to use the available materials efficiently in production. If we cut a tabletop from a plate, the rest of it is suitable for making a mirror or furniture handles. Sustainable and efficient use of resources guarantees quality and a long-lasting product for the customer, which will not have to be thrown out after 5 or 10 years.

In addition, we are very close – in Europe, which reduces the length of the supply chain compared to furniture made in third countries and guarantees the highest quality of work and materials.

What is so special about your production technologies?

We do not use paints to produce colors during production. The oxidation of the metal allows the metals to reveal themselves in a variety of natural colors and patterns through the natural aging process. We feel it is important for our customers. Our technology allows people to have surfaces at home whose designs and colors are shaped in the most natural, unique, and artistic.

We have been using metals processed by mankind for centuries, such as copper or brass, to which we give new life and modern design. The oxidation technology and our spinning sanding technique give the surfaces a new invisible texture, which is exactly what is needed in modern interiors.

You describe your customers as insightful and farseeing. Why is so?

Our customer is a personality who is looking for exclusivity for their home. This individual is looking for unique items, seeking to stand out from the crowd, and avoids buying mass-produced products.

We feel that the people who choose our products value the fact that the products are sustainable, long-lasting, can be renewed, and sometimes used at home instead of a painting or other work of art as an accent. It’s hard to surprise in the furniture market these days. However, we think we’re succeeding.

What interior features do you think will be most important in the future? What do people want, and what is essential to focus on for the manufacturer?

The use of metals in the interior has been growing recently, and the market demand exceeds the supply. Therefore, there is room to grow. We offer already-made furniture and any surfaces for the interior – finishing panels, furniture facades, tabletops, and other surfaces.

I believe, over the years, people will increasingly look for sustainably produced products that do not need to be replaced every few years. Additionally, that do not harm the environment and whose design is as close as possible in its color and materiality to natural shades and textures.

The increasing pace of life and stress will increasingly encourage people to turn to nature and naturalness. And the furniture that reflects and highlights it at home will create a sustainable and cozy environment.

No doubt, the functionality of the furniture is also significant. People try to make efficient use of smaller spaces for life, and for that, the furniture must be functional and well thought out.

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