Meet Lithuanian Fintech Companies Participating in CIFTIS!

Meet Lithuanian Fintech Companies Participating in CIFTIS!

Finances are not as simple as they used to be a few hundred years ago when you could stick your money under the mattress and call it a day. Now it is increasingly common to never see your coins and keep it all digital. Such a world requires increasingly more security, guarantees, and innovative solutions. That is where the fintech sector comes in! 

Lithuanian fintech companies are participating in China International Fair for Trade In Services (CIFTIS) September 5-9th, so you can pop by and get to know them better! The participation of Lithuanian companies in the exhibition is organized by Enterprise Lithuania.


PanPay is a comprehensive financial technology company that provides multi-currency accounts, global payments, currency exchange, and other services for corporates and individuals.

The company’s services are highly valued by e-commerce sellers and traditional traders selling goods from China to the world for the fast and cost-effective payment collection services in various currencies as well as sending money back to Mainland China bank accounts in local or foreign currencies.

For such clients, PanPay presents electronic multi-currency accounts. The company processes Euros, Pounds, American Dollars, global payments, currency exchange, and other services.

You can open a personal or business account online or offline in one day, which doesn’t require lengthy face-to-face meetings and administrative paperwork. Using PanPay can also save users up to 80% of costs when compared to traditional banks and moving funds between different PanPay accounts is free of charge and instant.

The company’s services are especially suitable for Chinese customers doing business in Europe. PanPay has teams in Lithuania and China so it can provide bilingual services for customers in different countries.


Paytend Europe UAB is a global fintech company with an EMI (Electronic Money Institution) license. With this license, the company is allowed to operate in all member states of the European Union.

The company is committed to developing innovative and efficient banking services for its global customers. Paytend provides cross-border remittances, card issuances, and acquiring services. Established in 2017, the company now has almost 50 employees.

Paytend is the principal member of UnionPay International, Visa, and MasterCard.

The company will present two services at CIFTIS. One of them is IBAN banking account services. Customers can now remotely open an account on the Paytend mobile application and instantly make payments wherever they are. The account supports 38 currencies and offers a real-time exchange rate. Furthermore, the transfers between Paytend accounts is free and instant.

Another service presented at CIFTIS is a prepaid MasterCard that supports payments and withdrawals worldwide with 24/7 customer service.

Paytend services make payments easier for all Chinese customers who are trading with Lithuania or other European countries.


It is not only your money that needs protection but also your intelectual property. Legal services group Metida specializes in intellectual property protection. It has been operating for almost 30 years and now exports more than 70% of the intelectual property protection services.

Metida is constantly named amongst the leading companies working with most brands in the European Union. It currently unites a team of more than 40 professionals and works with over 4000 local and international portfolios. Every year, Metida retains the highest rankings amongst international intellectual property companies. The company also holds a higher than average application rate compared to other companies in Europe and delivers 150 applications on average per month.

Metida has been collaborating with China since 2010 and has created an extensive client network in the country. The company has crafted a team that is well-versed in Chinese language and culture, which allows it to offer professional and effective service to its customers!

China has grown to be the largest export market for Metida, which is due to the rapid economic growth, intense international business expansion, and attention to science and innovation. The company always collaborates with diplomatic institutions interested in strengthening scientific, economic, and cultural cooperation between China and Lithuania.

The leading services Metida exports to China are patent registration for new inventions and protection under the European Patent Organization (EPO) as well as trademark and design registration under EU Intelectual Property Organization (EUIPO).

The company also offers a wide variety of services related to legal consultation, disputes, personal data protection, and many others.

Intrigued? Head to CIFTIS and get to know Lithuanian fintech companies better! Wherever your interests lie, there is sure a service your company or friends can use.

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