Lithuanian businesses join forces to combat COVID-19

Lithuanian businesses join forces to combat COVID-19

In the face of the pandemic, businesses and institutions in all countries began looking for solutions to contribute to faster management of COVID-19. Lithuania is not an exception: Lithuania exports and entrepreneurship agency “Enterprise Lithuania” promptly mobilized and took the initiative “Business against COVID-19”. This initiative aims to coordinate the Lithuanian businesses who can supply and manufacture personal protective equipment (PPE). The list of companies producing or providing PPE prepared by the agency includes more than 200 Lithuanian companies, of which as much as 30% are manufacturers capable of supplying their manufactured PPE.

“We see that our coordinated one-stop-shop initiative, “Business against COVID-19: Supply Opportunities and Support”, has proved its worth. Our database of Lithuanian suppliers is actively used by bidding companies and public authorities, medical facilities, pharmacies and retail chains. We provide all parties with what is most needed in this situation – the opportunity to receive information, make decisions and act promptly,” says Daina Kleponė, Managing Director of “Enterprise Lithuania”.

Since mid-March, when quarantine was announced in Lithuania, the initiative “Business against COVID-19” has invited Lithuanian companies to submit their proposals on the possibilities to produce and supply PPE. During the first week of quarantine, as many as 176 Lithuanian companies submitted their proposals, which were evaluated by the team of “Enterprise Lithuania” experts. Once the company’s credibility is verified, information about the company is placed on a public database, which serves as the primary source of information for those looking for PPE.

According to Daina Kleponė, flexibility, the ability to quickly adapt to changed conditions, modify existing goods or start a new production, discover new niches and customers are more crucial than ever for business. “I am glad that we see such examples among the companies that have submitted their proposals. In this way, business not only shows solidarity by contributing to the supply of necessary goods, but also ensures the continuity of activities, guarantees jobs for its employees, and supports the sustainability of the economy,” emphasizes Managing Director of “Enterprise Lithuania”.

During the initiative, it has been noticed that more and more Lithuanian companies are reorienting their production, starting to produce PPE and can offer their surplus to other countries. Currently, more than 60 Lithuanian companies can manufacture protective face masks and respirators, disinfectants, face shields, coveralls, shoe covers, and other essential PPE. Almost all PPE can be produced in Lithuania.

The “Enterprise Lithuania” team created an exclusive catalogue of Lithuanian PPE manufacturers for foreign buyers, which presents companies and their products, company contacts, available certificates and production capacities. The catalogue of Lithuanian PPE manufacturers can be found here:

About “Enterprise Lithuania”

“Enterprise Lithuania” is entrepreneurship and export development agency in Lithuania, established by Ministry of Economy and Innovation, responsible for entrepreneurship, sustainable and modern business development, start-ups ecosystem and export promotion.

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