Lithuania – your highly potential partner in Defence Sector

Lithuania – your highly potential partner in Defence Sector

Baltic state climbing global ladders in innovation

Lithuania, the largest Baltic State country in Northern Europe is the frontier country guarding European Union frontiers, holding NATO membership since 2004.

Right now, Lithuania’s defence industry has over 40 companies, providing solutions and services with a deep scientific base and active R&D institutes. Some of the Lithuanian defence industry companies are already exporting to France e.g manufacturer of new generation opto-electronics Brolis Semiconductors, ammunition manufacturer Giraites Ginklų Gamykla, ICT system integrator ELSIS group, suppliers of optics and its components Altechna, 3 Fotonai, Integrated Optics. Lithuanian defence industry is interested to extend co-cooperation with France offering hight-tech engineering solutions and co-operation in R&D of new technologies. French companies are welcome to join Baltic Miltech Summit 2021 to learn and connect with defence industry in Lithuania and the Baltic region.

In addition, Lithuanian national defence sector will be present in EUROSATORY 2022.

One of the major qualities of Lithuanian companies is their flexibility and excellence. Most Lithuanian defence sector companies are SME, employing small teams of highly qualified employees who are capable of quickly re-orientate and adapt to market needs, overall global situation and trends. In addition, Lithuania has the highest standards of the Northern Europe alike business culture: versatile and reliable business relations, motivated and highly skilled employees, high quality and innovation are the dominating characteristics.

Laser sector leader – Ekspla

Lithuania is one of the world leaders in laser technologies, scientific researches have started more than a half a century ago and have resulted in an impressive number of breakthroughs and important commercial developments, such as OPCPA technology and TW&PW femtosecond lasers. Laser industry continues to grow fast, in twelve years it grew from 15 to 50+ companies, securing partnerships with CERN and NASA, as well as with top universities worldwide – 90 out of the worlds’ top 100 employ lasers made in Lithuania.

EKSPLA has nearly 30 years of experience and close partnership with scientific community in design and manufacturing of advanced lasers & systems. The ability to effectively tailor products for specific applications and requirements is one of the main competences of EKSPLA.  Organizations like CERN, NASA, ELI, Max Planck Institutes, Cambridge University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Japan University of Science, as well as institutions working in defense sector in NATO member countries appreciate Ekspla ability to adapt and tailor products for specific applications.

Main Ekspla products are femtosecond, picosecond and nanosecond lasers, ultrafast fibber lasers, tuneable wavelength, spectroscopy and high energy laser systems.

Employing more than 120 employees, Ekspla is based in Vilnius, Lithuania with representative networks in 20 countries worldwide, the established EKSPLA service team is ready to support customers all over the world.

Optical sector leader – Brolis

BROLIS primarily engages in creating some of the world’s finest infrared laser products, ranging from near to mid-infrared. BROLIS’ unique area of specialisation and its epitaxy facility (one of the largest in the world) for the production of GaSb-based mid-infrared optoelectronics have helped the company develop numerous devices that offer record-breaking performance on the largest industrial GaSb substrate platform on the market.

BROLIS’ high engineering capabilities, continuous development efforts and desire for innovation allow it to offer cutting-edge solutions such as GaSb laser diode-based Band I directional infrared counter measure (DIRCM) lasers or the world’s first SWIR weapon sight system – S100U. BROLIS’ key technology encompasses in-house molecular beam epitaxy of advanced III-V materials, chip design, hybrid integration of III-V components with silicon photonics, advanced packaging and micro-optics, as well as full electro-optical system design for the most advanced applications.

BROLIS develops a range of electro-optical systems and components for security, surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting applications operating in near infrared (NIR), short-wave infrared (SWIR) and long-wave infrared (LWIR) spectral ranges.

BROLIS holds its headquarters, main R&D and production facility in Vilnius, Lithuania, its sales and manufacturing site for defence applications in Larne, UK, and a dedicated R&D facility for silicon photonics in Ghent, Belgium.

Leader in small satellite manufacturing – NanoAvionics

NanoAvionics is a small satellite mission integrator focused on delivering satellite buses and propulsion systems. With facilities in North America and Europe, NanoAvionics’ team consists of more than 100 driven and skillful employees who have accomplished over 90 successful satellite missions and commercial projects. Current production capacity: 40-50 satellites, platforms ranging from 6kg to 115kg.

NanoAvionics is working on world-famous NASA, MIT, Thales Alenia Space projects. In 2020 NanoAvionics has been selected to build a 12U nanosatellite platform for an in-orbit demonstration of NASA’s Advanced Composite Solar Sail System (ACS3). The 12U satellite platform will carry payload into low Earth orbit (LEO) including an approximately 800 square foot (74 square meter) composite boom and solar sail system which in the future, will be used as a propulsion method for deep space missions.

NanoAvionics holds its headquarters and main R&D facilities in Vilnius and Kaunas, Lithuania; technical support, R&D centre and AIT facilities in Basingstoke, UK and North America BD Office with AIT facilities in Columbia (IL), USA.

If you are interested in working with innovative Lithuanian companies and learning more about tailor-made solutions, we invite you to join Baltic Miltech Summit. Baltic Miltech Summit is the international event with a focus on defence technology which will take place on 6-7 October, 2021, in Vilnius, Lithuania. The event will be delivered in a hybrid format with both in-person and online attendance options, for more information:

Lithuanian defence industry specialises in:

  • Air & Space satellite communication
  • Air & Ground support
  • UAV systems
  • Ammunition
  • Communication, Information systems & Cyber Security
  • Components & Semiconductors
  • Detection & localisation
  • Laser & optical systems,
  • Opto-mechanics and opto-electronics,
  • Equipment & Protection solutions,
  • Ground vehicles: design & maintenance

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