Life Sciences Baltics 2020: Microbiome and Health Session Speakers Have Been Revealed

Life Sciences Baltics 2020: Microbiome and Health Session Speakers Have Been Revealed

2020 marks a milestone for Life Sciences Baltics – international forum which is gathering world-class biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical devices experts from all around the world – will be held in Vilnius for the 5th time. One of the themes in the forum will be Microbiome and Health and Life Sciences Baltics kicked the New Year by proudly announcing speakers who will be attending this session.

Managing director of Enterprise Lithuania Daina Kleponė points out that microbiome topic was at the center of attention in 2019 and will surely remain important in the upcoming years: “Over the recent years the microbiome has become a hot topic for research, especially the gut microbiome – as it is considered to be linked with variety of diseases and conditions. During the Life Sciences Baltics our speakers will guide participants through the latest findings and possible future developments of gut microbiome research and also invite to take part in the scientific discussion on how a healthy microbiome should be defined. Hopefully by sharing these insights we will spark even more enthuasiasm about microbiome research that will lead to significant findings in the near future.”

One of speakers who will be attending Microbiome and Health session, professor Georgina Hold ads that microbiome can be considered to be one of the most exciting scientific developments of the last decade: “Understanding the role of microbiome in many diseases has become the focus of extensive research which is gaining more and more attention during the recent years. However, what constitutes a healthy microbiome remains the topic of large-scale debate which I am willing to deepen in Vilnius.”

Below you can find detailed information about speakers and topics that they will be presenting at Life Sciences Baltics 2020.

“The gut and brain axis: is microbiome a key player?”

Dr. Jasmohan S. Bajaj from Virginia Commonwealth University and McGuire VA Medical Center, Richmond, Virginia, USA.

“What constitutes a healthy microbiome?”

Georgina Hold, professor from the University of South Wales

“Gut microbiome modification: past, present and future“

Assoc. Dr. Juozas Kupčinskas, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

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