“Enterprise Lithuania” focuses on boosting the businesses suffering from the effects of coronavirus

“Enterprise Lithuania” focuses on boosting the businesses suffering from the effects of coronavirus

Entrepreneurship and export development agency “Enterprise Lithuania” is launching an initiative to support businesses “No quarantine on the Internet” and will advise anyone who wants to transfer their activities/businesses to the virtual space quickly and easily.  Entrepreneurs who are already using virtual space for their businesses are encouraged to register their online stores and we will seek to share information about them with as many people in the country as it is possible. “Enterprise Lithuania” has also decided to integrate into this program the unified e-commerce solution which was developed during this weekend’s hackathon “Hack the Crisis”.

“At this difficult time, we must unite and help each other to survive.  Today, over 80 thousand of small businesses operating in Lithuania depend on selling products or services that they have created. Without the opportunity to earn money, their families and children remain uncertain about their future. However, this global crisis can be an opportunity for both small businesses and society as a whole – there is no quarantine on the Internet, by using it we can discover each other, find original products created in Lithuania and by choosing them, ensure greater stability of the country’s economy. It is gratifying that the Lithuania’s technology community has responded quickly and organized a workshop on the first quarantine weekend to find solutions to the problems that were caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. We are delighted that one of the solutions coincided with the initiative we are currently launching and we have decided to work together to create a unified e-commerce in Lithuania ” says Daina Klepone, the CEO of “Enterprise Lithuania”.

“Enterprise Lithuania” announces “No Quarantine on the Internet” initiative and invites all small businesses and online sellers to register using this website: www.internetekarantinonera.lt. “Enterprise Lithuania” intends to publish store links throughout the country, inviting everyone to join the support campaign and buy from small businesses, reserving their services in advance, thus providing guarantees for the most vulnerable participants in the Lithuanian economy to survive this temporary crisis. After the completion of the e-commerce platform that is currently under development, everyone will be invited to create their own marketplace in one virtual space, which will make it easier to find buyers.

“Enterprise Lithuania” also invites companies to visit website: www.internetekarantinonera.lt where they can find expert’s instructions on how to transfer their activities/businesses to the Internet in just one day. Experts will also answer any questions that may arise. Therefore, “Enterprise Lithuania” brings together the business community and invites you to become an e-commerce partner, whose knowledge and experience is now more than ever needed by small entrepreneurs who are looking for digitalisation solutions for their businesses.

In 2019, consumers using e-commerce worldwide spent nearly 3.5 trillion $, or as much as 18 percent more than the year before. A significant change has already happened in the Lithuanian market, where the growth of online stores is booming and e-commerce is about 800 million per year. However, there is a problem – some online stores are currently created while others are already quitting. This shows the lack of knowledge and competencies needed for successful online business development. The current situation in the world is only accelerating this trend. Today, anyone who wants to sell something online in Lithuania or abroad must know one crucial condition – do it successfully, ”says D. Klepone.

According to D. Klepone, mobilizing and helping each other to survive is extremely important now. That is why we look forward to active public engagement: sharing information about the project with people whom this information could help get on their feet, buying products from Lithuanian small businesses and otherwise helping each other out.

The first free video seminar on transferring businesses to virtual space happened the previous week, the participants: Mindaugas Ubartas, the Head of the Lithuanian Information and Communication Technology Association “Infobalt”, Vytautas Vorobjovas, an e-commerce consultant, Remigijus Kuliežis, Vice President of “RAIBEC” and Elijus Čivilis, Vice-Minister of Economy and Innovation (the content of this seminar can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/241303470369675/).

On 20-22nd of March, during a hackathon in Lithuania, more than 1,000 enthusiasts formed about 50 teams and worked on solutions to the problems caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. The international “pard.app” team (author and technical executive is Latvian Armands Leimanis, team leader Lukas Gečius, etc.) took the challenge of helping small businesses forced to close their physical stores, who have no access to online business or their online business is not as well-known. “Pard.app” is an online marketplace, where the buyers can find Lithuanian businesses selling various goods and services in one place, where people can purchase or reserve services right away. It is a convenient solution that allows you to quickly and easily transfer your business to the virtual space and customers can find all Lithuanian small businesses in one place.

Information about “Enterprise Lithuania”

VšĮ “Enterprise Lithuania” – Entrepreneurship and export development agency established by the Ministry of Economics and Innovation, which is responsible for promoting entrepreneurship, sustainable and modern business development, startup ecosystem and export.

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Only responsible business cooperation and openness to the employees will help to survive the crisis
Only responsible business cooperation and openness to the employees will help to survive the crisis

Neither our state nor businesses have ever faced this kind of crisis – it has touched all companies and organizations to a greater or lesser extent, and people were forced to review contracts and make changes. For many, it has become unclear how to act when the business activities are suspended or limited, how to deal with the questions related to labor law, what to do if you are unable to fulfill your contractual obligations and whether quarantine allows applying force majeure. All experts agree that now the most important thing for the businesses is to communicate, negotiate a win-win situation, and make decisions while feeling responsibility and solidarity.