“Enterprise Lithuania“ – communicating with business remotely

“Enterprise Lithuania“ – communicating with business remotely

After Lithuania has been put under quarantine from 16 March, which will last until 30 March or until otherwise decided, the Public Institution “Enterprise Lithuania” and all it units (“Startup Lithuania” and “Spiečius” Co-Working Spaces) as well as the participants of the export leaders programme “Sparnai” (Wings) will work remotely and will ensure the smooth contactless provision of services.


Information about cancellation and postponement of planned business events and of participation in international foreign exhibitions for a later period is published in the events calendar of “Enterprise Lithuania”: https://www.verslilietuva.lt/kalendorius/. The employees of “Enterprise Lithuania” contact everyone regarding the scheduled individual meetings with clients and partners to offer another format or time of the meeting. If a meeting is a necessary activity function and can be neither delayed or organized in a different format, then the necessary safety requirements are ensured during the meeting.


In this very difficult period for business, we are ready to provide the business entities with expeditious advice they need and to answer questions of concern during the specially organized weekly live webcasts. Webcasts are in Lithuanian. Information about the planned live webcasts is published in the events calendar of “Enterprise Lithuania”: https://www.verslilietuva.lt/kalendorius/.


All publicly available business-relevant information and answers to frequently asked questions are constantly and expeditiously updated in the business information column of “Enterprise Lithuania”, specially created for that purpose, which is called “COVID-19 News for Business”: https://www.enterpriselithuania.com/en/services/covid-19-news-business/ All business-relevant information is also published on the website of the Ministry of Economics and Innovation in Lithuanian: http://eimin.lrv.lt/lt/informacija-verslui-del-koronaviruso Information for business entities in English: http://eimin.lrv.lt/en/important-information-for-business-on-coronavirus


Advice in Lithuanian and English regarding all business concerns is provided by means of remote communication on every business day during normal business hours by the regional coordinators:

Neringa Trinskienė, tel. +370-679-58456, e-mail: n.trinskiene@verslilietuva.lt

Diana Grapskytė, tel. +370-611-32253, e-mail: d.grapskyte@verslilietuva.lt

Indrė Gendroliūtė-Gerulienė, tel. +370-605-14839, e-mail: i.gendroliute-geruliene@verslilietuva.lt

Indrė Kazlauskienė, tel. +370-673-73178, e-mail: i.kazlauskiene@verslilietuva.lt

Sandra Barzdienė, tel. +370-678-60338, e-mail: s.barzdiene@verslilietuva.lt

Edita Naidaitė, tel. +370-605-76366, e-mail: e.naidaite@verslilietuva.lt

Agnė Aušrė, tel. +370-684-06115, e-mail: a.ausre@verslilietuva.lt


Advice is also provided by replying to normal consultation request made online at https://www.enterpriselithuania.com/en/contacts/

Should you have additional questions, you are kindly invited to send an e-mail inquiry to konsultacijos@verslilietuva.lt.

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Caution regarding “Enterprise Lithuania” name infringement
Caution regarding “Enterprise Lithuania” name infringement

We would like to warn foreign and Lithuanian companies about the illegal use of the name of the Public Institution “Enterprise Lithuania” for possible criminal and commercial purposes that are not related to the activities of the institution.