LASER World of PHOTONICS Germany

Lithuania’s market share in ultra-short pulse scientific has taken up more than 50%, Lithuanian lasers can be found in almost every continent. NASA, CERN and world-renowned companies like IBM, Hitachi, Toyota and Mitsubishi are among clients of Lithuanian laser manufacturers. 90 of the top 100 universities in the world are currently using Lithuanian lasers and their systems. These are just few facts about constantly growing and innovating Lithuanian lasers industry.

This year at LASER World of Photonics 18 Lithuanian companies will present their products and services to participants from all over the world:

Should you wish to know more about the impressive Lithuania’s laser industry, please contact Simonas Aleksandravičius, Industry Development Manager at Enterprise Lithuania:

LASER World of PHOTONICS Germany

Event information


2019-06-24 09:00


Munich, Germany

Simonas Aleksandravičius

Industry Development Manager

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