Hacker games 2018: Kaunas

H A C K E R G A M E S are back to Kaunas!

Hackers, engineers, designers, UX masters, marketers, business developers and all those who want to build stuff – here is a weekend for you.

There will be 4 tracks: S O F T W A R E, H A R D W A R E, G A M E S and a new H E A L T H track. All tracks will have different mentors and tools, separate winners and judging criteria. Start generating your ideas now!

We are looking for people who are motivated to solve real problems, people who are capable to develop fine products, people who are passionate about innovation and ready to escape from their daily routines. You can do whatever you want – create a new carpooling app, design a next world-wide known game, some SaaS solution or build a cool gadget for Internet of Things lovers. The only condition here is that you create something from scratch – possibilities should be equal for all as you will compete for great prizes!

Keep a close eye on updates!


Yes, it’s 100% free to participate.

Hacker games 2018: Kaunas

Event information


2018-03-02 00:00


KTU Santaka Valley, K. Baršausko str. 59, Kaunas

Antanas Urbonas

Project Manager