Baltic Miltech Summit 2018

Baltic Miltech Summit is going to take place in Vilnius, Lithuania as of 15-16th of November, 2018.

3 main goals of the event are:
– To boost innovation in emerging defence and military technologies through cross-border collaboration & partnerships;
– To create a dynamic business opportunities, mil-tech platform for military professionals, R&D centers, entrepreneurs, and government stakeholders;
– To promote development of a regional mil-tech ecosystem.

Target audience:
– Public officials and decisions makers from Baltic states and allies
– Defence industry representatives from NATO countries
– Miltech startups
– Science and technology research and commercialisation centers

Do not miss your chance to be a part of Baltic Miltech Summit 2018 – a very first time organised event, where innovations and new ideas will meet public officials and defence industry representatives!

Baltic Miltech Summit 2018

Event information


2018-11-15 09:00


Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress centre LITEXPO, Laisvės ave. 5, Vilnius, Lithuania

Simonas Aleksandravičius

Industry Development Manager

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