Handbooks for doing business

Handbooks for doing business

Handbooks for Doing Business are easy-to-use interactive guides for those who want to start or are already doing business in Lithuania! According to the different areas of activity you can find what permits you will have to obtain, what requirements apply to the planned activities. Also, the business guide you will find information about recruitment and redundancies, the charges applicable to activities, indicative prices of necessary equipment and practical advice to entrepreneurs who want to start a business!

Business handbooks will help you get all the necessary information faster and easier:

  1. Public catering
  2. Accommodation services
  3. Café/Restaurant
  4. Passengers transportation services
  5. Antique store
  6. Electronic commerce, IT business
  7. Dry-cleaning services
  8. Beauty salon
  9. Garage
  10. Foodstuffs, supplements shop
  11. Fitness club
  12. Production of cosmetics
  13. Organising extreme entertainment
  14. Pet care and breeding
  15. Cinema theatre
  16. Freight transportation (international, within Lithuania)
  17. Funeral services
  18. Organising lotteries and gambling
  19. Trade in cars
  20. Camp for children
  21. Veterinary clinic
  22. Designer
  23. Building contractor
  24. Manufacturer of construction products

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Get a job or find an employee in Lithuania

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