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    Ergolain Group Ltd.

    Ergonomic contract furniture

    Established back in 2000, the company group...

    Umega Nordic, UAB

    Umega Nordic is a durable structural steel constructions manufacturer...


    NOARCHITECTS is a young and innovative architecture and design firm founded...


    MB SVM BALTIC – Lithuanian wooden houses producers, oriented in...

    Wood & Houses Ltd.

    "Wood & Houses" is a company engaded in building prefabricated...



According to data of Statistics Lithuania, construction enterprises carried out 324.419 million LTL (excl.VAT) of own-account work of Lithuania in 2011, which is by 25.56% more than in 2010. The value of construction work carried out within the territory of Lithuania reached 6.553.152 million LTL, which is 27.4% more than in 2010.

The construction industry in Lithuania is represented by 5,609 companies and 61,434 employees.

Top 5 export markets


Key Production and Service Branches:

  • General construction work
  • Aluminum-glass, frameless glass and ventilated facade structures
  • Concrete constructions, steel structures
  • Electrical systems
  • Ventilation, heating and conditioning systems
  • Windows and doors
  • Roofing
  • Ceramic tiles

Key Competitive Advantages:

  • Growing specialization
  • Significant knowledge, well-developed skills
  • Highly skilled engineering staff
  • Focus on high quality
  • Strong base of traditional apprenticeship training

The main advantage of Lithuanian construction companies is a highly qualified engineering team: constructors who are capable of creating and implementing unconventional - or even entirely new - technical and architectural solutions. Experience, responsibility and access to modern technology guarantee work of high quality.

Lithuanian construction companies are highly qualified to design and build (or be subcontracted to build) public and private housing, as well as industrial and commercial property, throughout Europe and Scandinavia.

The leading companies in the construction industry include Staticus, Panevėžio Statybos Trestas, ASF, Litana Group, Markučiai, Dvarčionių Keramika, Megrame Windows, and Gargždų Mida.

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If you have any questions, or would like more information about the Lithuanian construction industry and/or potential business partners in this field, please contact:

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