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Medical Devices & Services

Medical Devices Sector


Situated at the strategic crossroad between the Western and Eastern Europe, Lithuania offers a stable, efficient and relatively low-costs environment for medical devices manufacturers. High quality of education in Lithuania and the country’s well-developed science and business valleys create favorable conditions to foster innovation and R&D activities. In line with the government‘s strategic focus on building an innovation-driven economy, the Lithuanian medical devices industry has been growing impressively in recent years, serving the needs of both mature and growing markets in the region.

A good example of the sector's successful product is the iQube 3D scanner, an innovative device which was developed using advanced aerospace industry technology. The device scans any part of the human body and records it as a high quality full-color 3D image in approximately  three  seconds. 

Intersurgical and Moog Medical Devices Group are some of the leading international companies that successfully operate in the medical devices secor.

Intersurgical, a large respiratory systems and accessories manufacturer (with its head-office in UK), exporting 99% of the production, moved the bulk of the company’s oxygen-therapy products manufacturing to Lithuania in 1996. In August 2003, Intersurgical announced the expansion of its manufacturing facilities in the city of Pabradė from 9 to 17 thousand sq. m in order to produce respiratory care products. As the result, over a 100 new jobs were created.

Moog Medical Devices Group is an excellent example of how the sector’s local traditions and competences, assimilated knowledge and the company’s competitive advantages can be successfully combined. In 2009 Moog Medical (a subsidiary of Moog, based in the U.S.) acquired Viltechmeda, the Lithuanian company that manufactured, sold and repaired medical equipment, devices for infusion and syringe pumps. In 2010 the company announced its plans to invest additional 4 million Euro in Lithuania, to establish a service centre and expand its research and technology branch. The centre,  located at the science and business valley Santara in Vilnius, will employ 50 Lithuanian experts and will focus on the development of medical technologies and innovations.

Medical Services Sector


Lithuania has a well-developed, technologically advanced health services infrastructure and the Lithuanian government is focused on promoting the country's medical tourism potential. A number of modern medical facilities in Lithuania offer services of world-class experts, along with excellent customer service, which makes the country a great place to get well for less. The Lithuania's highly-skilled medical doctors and nurses have significant expertise in diagnostics (doctor’s advice, instrumental examinations, laboratory examinations, etc.) and in treatment (therapy, surgery, rehabilitation, etc.)

Key competitive advantages

  • Highly skilled, multilingual doctors and nurses
  • Superior quality of services
  • Relatively low prices
  • Excellent infrastructure
  • Very high hygiene standards
  • Excellent customer service
  • Short flights from Europe

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