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Renewable energy and wastewater treatment

Renewable Energy and Wastewater Treatment

  • Green energy
  • Wastewater treatment equipments
  • Waste and recycling

In recent years, the development of alternative energy in Lithuania has been rapidly accelerating. The country's government is focused on promoting the growth of the renewable (hydro, wind, biomass and solar) energy sector, with the ambitious goal of reaching a 23% RES share by 2020. As a result, the Lithuanian clean technology industry is gradually gaining a more significant share of the country's total exports.

Green Energy

In its pursuit to foster the development of the cleantech industry, the Lithuanian government has provided grants for many companies. The grants are enabling these companies to implement an experimental (c-Si) photovoltaic cell production project, and also contribute towards the formation of a solar energy cluster in Lithuania. Precizika-MET SC, a part of the Hexagon global measurement technologies group, pioneered development of the solar industry in Lithuania by starting up an industrial photovoltaic laboratory in Vilnius in 2010. BOD Group, Baltic Solar Energy and Baltic Solar Solutions have also constructed a 25,000 sq m facility for solar cell and solar module production lines.

Wastewater Treatment Equipment

Water consumption (for non-energy needs) has declined threefold, while wastewater has decreased by 150% over the last 15 years. Recently, a number of new wastewater treatment plants have been constructed and a number of existing ones have been upgraded: 99% of household and industrial waste is treated. The discharges of organic and suspended solids from point sources into open water bodies have decreased more than six times; those of petroleum products – more than five times; of nitrogen – approximately three times; and of phosphorus –approximately four times. A water management system has been established, based on the natural geographic boundaries of river basins. The State Environmental Monitoring Program for 2005-2010, which is in line with EU requirements, was implemented in 2005. This makes it possible to assess of the current condition of surface waters, establish the type and the extent of pollution, and select the appropriate measures to improve the condition. Drinking water in Lithuania is supplied almost exclusively from groundwater sources. Groundwater sources are vast – only about a third of all the assured drinking water resources are consumed. Favorable conditions have been established for the improvement of drinking water supply and provision of wastewater treatment services. Drinking water is supplied to 74% of the Lithuanian population, and wastewater treatment services are available to approximately 635 of the population. A major part of the infrastructure necessary for the management of drinking water supplies and wastewater treatment has already been created. A system for the metering of drinking water has been developed.

Lithuania's Renewable and Environmental Technologies

  • Solar batteries
  • Water treatment equipment

Top 5 export markets

Environmental protection and renewable energy

Key Competitive Advantages

  • Research excellence aimed at innovative solutions
  • Export-oriented production
  • Attractive price-quality ratio
  • Close cooperation between science and business

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