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Chemicals & Plastics

Chemicals and plastics, the two closely related sectors, stand out as some of the best-established industrial activities in Lithuania. The production of main chemicals, fertilizers and primary forms of plastics accounts for over 80 percent of the country's chemical industry turnover.

Key manufacturers within the sector include Lithuanian companies Achema (a leading manufacturer of nitrogen fertilizers and chemical products in the Baltic States) and Lifosa (a producer of nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer), and foreign-capital companies Neo Group and Orion Global Pet (makers of PET raisin, based in the seaport city Klaipėda). The chemical and plastics sector employs over 5,400 people; It has received more than EUR 89 million of foreign direct investment – around 2.63 percent of the total FDI in manufacturing.

The companies working in the Lithuanian plastics sector utilize modern technologies and thus are able to serve the needs of various markets. Putokšnis, Stigma, Plasta and Artilux are some of the leading, export-oriented plastics sector's companies.

Lithuanian plastics sector's highlights

  • World’s best PET technologies are utilized
  • Strict procedures of quality control are observed, focus on international ISO standards
  • Two universities train experts for the plastics industry

Sector's key product lines

  • Fertilizers for agriculture
  • Paints for industries
  • DAP
  • PET production
  • Biopharma production

Chemicals sector's key competitive advantages

  • Effective partnership with major international industrial groups
  • Deep production specialization
  • Well-established position in the global market
  • Lithuania is the 13th largest exporter of fertilizers in the world, with a 2.14 percent share of the global fertilizers exports

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Indorama Orion Global PET  is located in Lithuania's seaport city Klaipėda. The plant started its commercial production in 2006, with an annual capacity of 198,000 tons. The company is focused on producing PET polymers for PET bottles, sheets and other applications.

NEO GROUP is one of the largest European suppliers of high-quality PET resin for various kinds of consumer packaging. The total capacity of the company's plant is 308,000 tons per year, which comprises 12 percent of annual European production.

Contact information

For questions or more information about the Lithuanian Chemicals & Plastics sector or for identifying suitable partner companies, please do not hesitate to contact:

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