The Services Directive was adopted in order to stimulate economic growth in the Internal Market and to simplify the procedures and formalities for service providers in the European Union and in the countries of the European Economic Area. It also obliged the establishment of Points of Single Contact in each EU and EEA country that provides information about requirements for business and enables business documents to be licensed and licensed electronically, thus improving the business environment for providing services in their own country and in other EU and EEA countries.

The purpose of the Points of Single Contact is to provide free consultations in various ways (by telephone, e-mail, portal support) for domestic and foreign customers. However, all Points of Single Contact are confronted with the fact that they are not well known both in their countries and abroad. The aim of the Project was to raise awareness of PSCs, their services, to build the knowledge of what the PSCs are for and who can search for information, as well as use their services.

Project Raising the Awareness of the Lithuanian and Polish Points of Single “LITPOLARC” was implemented by Project Partners – Public Entity Enterprise Lithuania (Lithuania) and Ministry of Economic Development (Poland).

Project “LITPOLARC” has 4 main objectives:

  1. To create minimum 10 webpages (minimum 5 for each PSC website) for SMEs in Lithuanian and Polish, with information about rules and procedures applicable for doing business in the Internal Market (Content Marketing Campaign).
  2. To increase the traffic of the Lithuanian and Polish PSC portals by 5 % during the Awareness Raising Campaign (AdWords Campaign).
  3. To reach the 5th index position in the most popular internet search engines for selected keywords, related to doing business in the Internal Market (SEO Campaign).
  4. To prepare and disseminate 2 information packages about PSCs and their services (Direct Mailing Campaign).

As the result of the project the target audience was informed about the possibilities to establish and expand business in Lithuania and Poland. This Project is a good opportunity to cooperate and to establish closer relations between representatives from the different PSCs. Also it is a good opportunity to understand more about business establishment in other country. This also increases knowledge that helps in our day-to-day activity, native business consulting.

Project “LITPOLARC” could be the groundwork for future Awareness Raising Campaigns for native users and for foreign users. During this Project we identified what keywords lead to each portal, how we can make both portals more findable and how to emphasize the information that is also very important for SMEs. The Project outcomes will be analysed and after the EU funding, the framework for further actions will be constructed.

Also, this project is the good way to foster cooperation between different PSCs. The one activity that do not require financial recourses, exchange of information about establishment of expansion of a business in other Member state language, could be duplicated among all Member states. This activity not only fosters the cooperation between PSCs, but also increases awareness and higher Google ranking. In the future we are planning to exchange this information between at least more 5 countries.

The evaluation and outcomes of this project, some recommendations for this kind of activities will be presented to all EUGO Member States for their implementation. Also some Project activities, e. g. cooperation between Member States and exchange of information about establishment and expansion of a business in Member States will be encouraged and carried out in the future. This activity will increase awareness about establishment in other Member State, when the information is presented in their native language.

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According to the European Commission, the use of open data could generate up to 140 billion euros a year. Similar calculations are not carried out in Lithuania, but National Institutions have accumulated a variety of data, many of which are getting in the repositories and are not used. During the open-source data chakoton in 2015, several interesting ideas for urban life were developed – a tool that translates detailed city plans into a human language, a program that establishes relationships between people working in public institutions and a game that lets you check how well you know the non-tourist places of your city.

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