Lithuanian Kids Wear Brand: Mixing Technology and Fashion

Quality Lithuanian kids wear is made from natural fabrics, it satisfies Moms’ desire to embrace kids with natural touch, and it is designed with creative elements of fashion and functionality trends. Kids fashion creators from Lithuania have already gained international recognition and loyalty of satisfied clients.

Latest example is Anchovy which was noted by world famous Piroutte blog and German blog Milan Magazine.

„Blurring the boundaries of technology and fashion, Lithuanian label Anchovy create the patterns for their clothing though the Anchovy app“ - this is the way Piroutte starts the article about fashion innovators from Lithuania.

Full text is here.

Enterprise Lithuania has been organizing participation of local companies at International Children’s and Maternity Trade Show PLAYTIME for years. Two more trade fairs are planned ahead this year. You can meet and learn more about Lithuanian kids fashion brands in Playtime Paris summer edition and in Playtime New York in August.