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Interview with Ieva Juodelyte from Mummymoon

Recognized in New York and Scandinavia, awarded in Creativity competitions Lithuanian kids fashion brands are active participants of Playtime Paris, international trade show dedicated to the children’s universe and maternity wear.


Lithuanian creatives bringing their best concepts to Japan

Enterprise Lithuania continues collaborating with Japan, which is one of our priority export markets. Upcoming summer is going to be extremely intense for Lithuanian businesses which are looking for expansion to Japan.


LSB2016 Startup Pitch Challenge Winner Gained Knowledge in Akron

“Koatum was provided with every opportunity to validate its technology with leading research bodies and verify its value proposition with potential customers as well as funding opportunities. In a regular setting, with no guidance, all these appointments would be little or not accessible for a startup to set up on its own” says Sergey Jakimov, CEO of Koatum, after returning from Akron BioMedical Corridor, the International Hub of BioMedical Innovation, where he took part at the acceleration program.


Israeli Food Journalist: Lithuania Has Culinary Treasures!

Gil Hovav, Israeli leading culinary journalist, TV personality, book author and entrepreneur has been visiting Lithuania at the end of January. Being such a vivid and broad personality he had a lot of different activities in Vilnius. Exploring Lithuanian cuisine and meeting with businessmen of food industry was on Gils’ agenda for sure!


The Malaysian market – your gateway to over 600 million consumers in ASEAN

Enterprise Lithuania’s strong network even reaches to Malaysia!  EU-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EUMCCI) and Enterprise Lithuania have agreed on collaboration in order to strengthen business ties between two countries and build up strong relations with the right partners to expand your business to ASEAN!


First year results of the renewed Lithuanian Exporters Database

Enterprise Lithuania Exporters Database (EDB) is a tool tailored for foreign companies that are looking for a reliable partner in Lithuania. Companies that are listed in EDB are Lithuanian origin product manufacturers and service providers from various business sectors yet exclude re-exporters, retailers or wholesalers. Each company profile is being checked by Enterprise Lithuania consultants before becoming visible therefore the quality of information provided is guaranteed.


Japanese are active users of Lithuanian Exporters Database

Did you know that lasers were the only products which Lithuania exported to Japan back in 1993? However, today Japan is one of Lithuanian priority markets where Lithuanian businesses have already witnessed growing exports in value and volume of different products ranging from lasers and life sciences products to linen and innovative furniture. Export of Lithuanian goods to Japan has expanded by 35 % last year and includes mainly lasers, furniture and textile. 


Japanese life sciences industry: inspiring example for Lithuania

Japan plays a very important role in global life sciences industry which is constantly growing and expanding. Japan also is a country that sets an inspiring example of creating innovation and success within this sector and doing this in an extremely strategic and focused manner. To this extent Lithuania views Japan as an inspiring case that Lithuania is closely following, trying to build a strong network and adopt best Japanese practices in connecting industry and science.


Prof. Shechtman: Find a field that interests you, focus on it and become excellent in that

At Life Sciences Baltics 2016 Dan Shechtman, Israeli winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery of seemingly impossible quasicrystals delivered a speech about technological entrepreneurship as a key to world peace and prosperity. Watch it here.


Israel's Rosetta IP bring their technology transfer service to Vilnius

Israel's technology transfer company Rosetta IP announced signing of an agreement to establish a partnership in Vilnius. The new partnership with Vilnius Tech Park, one of the biggest regional startup hubs, aims to transform regional scientific inventions discovered during academic research into commercially viable and innovative products. The partnership was agreed on during Life Sciences Baltics 2016 forum in Vilnius.