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Lithuanian Exporters Database

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  • Megrame International JSC

    Vilnius, Lithuania
    Business line: Manufacturing high quality timber, aluclad, PVC windows and doors

    MEGRAME Group was established in 1992 and is the biggest manufacturer of highest quality timber, aluminium-clad timber, aluminium and PVC windows, doors and facades in Lithuania. MEGRAME is a...

    Updated: 2015-03-20
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  • UAB „Kendtecha“

    Mažeikiai, Lithuania
    Business line: Metal Processing Services

    UAB Kendtecha was founded in 2014, has accumulated rich experience in metal processing. The company employs experienced professionals in CNC machines. Since its establishment, the company is...

    Updated: 2015-02-10
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  • NMF Porolon

    Šiauliai, Lithuania
    Business line: Pillows, quilts and outdoor furniture covers production

    JSC NMF Porolon activities are - pillows, quilts and outdoor furniture covers production for big retail chains in Western Europe. Company has experience and equipment to produce and supply...

    Updated: 2015-01-27
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  • Be-Ge Baltic JSC

    Klaipėda, Lithuania
    Business line: Industrial sewing, upholster and assembly of chairs, seating and other textile products

    Be-Ge Baltic, UAB, provides industrial sewing, upholstery and assembly of seating and textile products for manufacturers of vehicle, office, audience chairs, vehicle interiors,...

    Updated: 2015-01-22
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  • Lemba, UAB

    Klaipeda, Lithuania
    Business line: Installation, repair and maintenance of food and beverages industry equipment

    Lemba helps customers to ensure maximum productivity and best product quality. We offer our long-term experience in the below areas:
    •creation of new production processes

    Updated: 2014-12-16
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    Ramučiai, Lithuania
    Business line: Automotive body repair products

    HELVINA from year 1994 engaged in painting systems and automotive body repair products import, export and supply for end user.

    The company has acquired large experience in body...

    Updated: 2014-11-13
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