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R&D Structure

Lithuania has an elaborated potential of applied research in different fields as well as a system of research and higher education institutions. Lithuania offers a sufficient variety of research directions and adequate concentration of industry and science, therefore we have favourable potentials to implement, improve and develop new technologies, to synthesize knowledge from different fields and generate original products in the light of cooperation between science and business.

In order to ensure the quality of studies, one third of research and experimental development research is carried out at universities.

The leading Lithuanian institutes are Vilnius University Institute of Biotechnology, Vilnius University Institute of Biochemistry, Centre for Physical Sciences and Technology, Vilnius University Institute of Oncology and others.

With a pool of nearly 18 000 R&D professionals, Lithuania has developed a network of five R&D valleys specializing in laser, nanotechnologies, semiconductor physics, electronics, engineering, biotech, energy, environment, ICT and agriculture. The valleys are based in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, in Kaunas, the country's second largest city and industrial centre, and in Klaipėda, the non-freezing seaport city.

The science and business valleys in brief:

  • Strong network of R&D centres in three largest Lithuanian cities
  • Broad spectrum of specialization in various scientific research areas
  • Great concentration of talent
  • Excellent supply of new office space

Advantages of R&D valleys in Lithuania

  • Access to skilled talent and networking – Concentration of scientists, researchers, developers and university academia, close collaboration of knowledge-intensive businesses with science and study institutions, opportunity to be co-located with other companies in the same sector (clusters) and region
  • Research excellence – Open access labs, R&D projects supported by EU/state, application of research results in industry and business
  • High-quality infrastructure and premises – Infrastructure for research, innovation and new technology development and comfortable conditions to establish new technology-oriented businesses – offices, labs, business incubators.
  • Internationalization – Increased international competitiveness

There are 5 R&D valleys in Lithuania Santara Valley (Vilnius), Sunrise Valley (Vilnius), Santaka Valley (Kaunas), Nemunas Valley (Kaunas), Maritime Valley (Klaipėda).

Among the leading companies involved in R&D activities are MOOG, Thermo Fisher Scientific and IBM.

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